Respite care: caring for carers


Do you need a break from caring?


Over 6 million people in the UK are currently acting as a carer for a relative or friend. That’s a lot of people who dedicate their time solely to look after someone else.

It is important that carers take some time out occasionally to ensure they are strong enough to continue providing excellent care to the person who relies on them. Just like you would in any job, it is expected that you take a holiday; this is no different for a carer.

If you are a carer for someone, and need a break, we can help.

When would I need respite care?

Specific occasions, such as going away on holiday or going to a wedding, might provide the reason to consider respite care.

wedding car

Other times, perhaps when you need to see friends, do paperwork or attend your own medical appointments are also valid reasons for looking into respite care.

Respite care may also benefit the person you are caring for; a mix of routine and people can provide a welcome change. If you reason is nothing more than simply needing a rest, we are here to help.

If you are a carer (or know someone who is a carer) and need a break, contact us on 01252 852 100. We can provide respite care for at least a week, at short notice – sometimes within 24 hours.



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