Independent Living – Accessories and Tips


Independent Living

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is how a client will be able to cope in their own home, despite the access to a live-carer, especially if they are finding it more difficult to be mobile.

The answer is (apart from assistance from your carer!): there are a plethora of accessories and aids available to help prolong independent living.

Independent living

If you are considering hiring a carer to help you at home with the harder tasks, but want an element of independence to your lifestyle, we’ve put together a list of what we believe are the most useful additions:

  • Handrails – for inside and outside to help guide you around your home;
  • Shower chair – to take the pressure off standing and to reduce the risk of falls;
  • Stair lift – if you find it hard to constantly be walking up and down;
  • Pillow lift – useful for those who need a boost to their upper body when getting out of bed;
  • Back supports – to use on various chairs around your house;
  • Ramps – to reduce the need for awkward steps when entering your home;
  • Rollators – to assist with walking without the need for a wheelchair;
  • Safety alarm – for alerting your carer if you have an accident.

Want to know more?

Do Ability has an extensive shopping site with reviews of the products on offer.

Age UK has a page dedicated solely to independent living products and services.


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