Fabulous Oldies


Fabulous Oldies

Duncan Raban began his career taking pictures of the most famous celebrities and A-listers you could ever hope to encounter. After a spell photographing Great Ormond Street Hospital in 2005 – witnessing how brave the children were, and how committed the staff were – his career changed direction. His photography became visual stories of compassion, kindness and bravery.

His belief is that everyday people, with real stories to tell, are the true heroes.

He first started out with a simple hello to get talking to strangers and break the ice. This has now turned into a number of photo series, one of which is the ‘Fabulous Oldies‘.

We would highly recommend setting aside half an hour to read through some of these wonderful, touching, funny and relatable stories from our beloved older generation.





Next time you’re out and about and see an older person, strike up a conversation or #justsayhello.

Find more work from Duncan here:





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